Srinagar Silk Mark Expo

(Written by : T.Sivakumar, Assistant Director (Insp.), SMOI, Central Silk Board, Bangalore and is a certified Black Belt holder in Six Sigma)

Silk Mark Expos are back again with a bang. The first Expo will be held from 16 - 24  June 2012 in Srinagar,  summer capital city of Jammu and Kashmir(J&K)

This is the first time ever that the Silk Mark Expo is going to be held in this beautiful
city. Earlier last year, a Silk Mark Expo was held in Jammu, the winter capital of
J&K, with a large number of silk lovers visiting the Expo, in spite of the
inclement weather.

Jammu & Kashmir is a traditional state producing raw silk and is also popular for
the finished silk products like shawls, kashmiri chiffon, hand embroidered silks,
handknotted silk carpets etc. Silk carpets are being exported in large numbers to
different countries and Kashmir carpets have made niche for itself
internationally. Silk industry provides significant employement in the state of

The Silk Mark Expo is an unique platform for the different varieties, kinds and
ranges of silks brought from across the country for showcasing and sale.  The
consumers not only get a range of silk items, but also ensure that they  purchase
only Silk Mark labelled products.

These expos cater to all kinds of needs of silk lovers and the following are available in this Expo -

  • Chiffon, Chinnon, Crepe and satin weaves
  • Plain, printed, hand painted, embroidered, ikat, handwoven, powerloom woven, knitted items etc.
  • Kancheepuram, Banarasi,Mysoori, Murshidabad, Kashmiri, Paithani, Valkolam, Venkatagiri, Dharmavaram etc. in sarees
  • Mulberry, Tassar, Eri and Muga varieties
  • Sarees, Chudidars, Shirts, Lenghas, blouses, Ties, hand bags, cushion covers, bed covers, liners, curtains, children’s wear, fashion garments for women and men

The Expo is being held at SKICC, Banquet Hall, Chasm-e-Shahi, Srinagar and has a
theme pavilion, a free silk testing counter and live demo of silk production
process. An interesting silk identification game has been included for the
consumers to win attractive prizes. There are totally 35 stalls from 11 states and
silk lovers of Srinagar has a very rare opportunity to make use of this.


Inauguration of Expo

Silk Mark Expo calendar

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