Silk Mark Labels

Silk Mark Labels

(Written by : T.Sivakumar, Assistant Director (Insp.), SMOI, Central Silk Board, Bangalore and is a certified Black Belt holder in Six Sigma)

Silk Mark is a quality assurance label and is used only on 100% natural silk products. The license for using Silk Mark is given after verifying the applicant for compliance of the requirements and surveillance is undertaken at regular intervals for adherence of terms and conditions set by SMOI.

The current labelling system has three types of labels :

S.NO Label Type Image
1 Hang tag with hologram
2 Sew in label with hologram
3 Fusion label with nano particles

Tracing of manufacturer or retailer

Each label can be traced to the respective Authorised User using an unique number placed on these labels.

1.     For Hang tag, an unique id is placed either in the hologram or the hang tag

2.     In case of sew in label, the hologram carries the unique id

3.     Each fusion label carries an unique id

Silk Mark Labels in hang tag form are affixed on silk products at Authorised Users level using plastic thread with the help of Clothing Tag Gun, whereas the sew in labels are stitched to the product. The fusion label is a process similar to printing, wherein the labels are heat set on the silk product and the resultant printed image is placed on the product.

The existing paper hang tag is transferable and therefore likely to be misused  by unscrupulous trades/dealers. In the process silk consumers may get duped. Though this method has been in practice for last  few years, there was a need to work out alternative method of labelling with improved security features and user friendly technique. The new labelling system wherein Silk Mark labels can be fused on to the products can really boost the confidence of consumers in Silk Mark.

Fusion label – Futuristic security label

The new system of labelling is a process,  in which label is heat transferred on the product itself and can withstand 3 – 5 washes.  This fusion feature eliminates the misuse like removal of label and using in other products or reusing the labels. This  label also will have an unique number, a random generated using software programming, which the consumer can verify the veracity through sms or website.

The labels have other high tech features in-built which are explained below:

  • The label has hidden words which can be read using UV reader

  • The label has unique nano markers, with codes in-built, which can be identified using infra red/ laser lights. These nano particles, with the unique code/signature are patented and proprietary property and available as exclusive rights to Silk Mark on legal agreement.  Because of the high tech nature, exclusive patented technology  and high cost of manufacturing, the system works as a good counterfeit solution.

An independent, dedicated software has been developed to manage the inventory and there are other add-on features for the Authorised Users to manage their inventories using this system.


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