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Manufacturers, Exporters, Brands, Retailers and Designers of Silk! Get an edge over your Competitors Become an Authorised User of Silk Mark

Silk Mark Advantage

Offer Yourself the business advantage of Silk Mark .. and to your Customers the confidence of pure Silk in your products! Become a SMOI member and Silk Mark Licensee

Being a manufacturer, exporter, retailer or brand for pure, natural silk products, get identified as such in your customer’s eyes. Get the right to affix Silk Mark label on your products in addition to your brand or company logo. Retain your customer’s confidence. Position yourself as high quality, genuine silk seller. Benefit from the countrywide promotion of Silk Mark by us. Be a step ahead of your competitors. Gain more customers, more sales, more profits and more prestige!

Besides, your SMOI membership brings to you multiple benefits. You can participate in high profile exhibitions, conferences and Silk Mark Festivals organised by SMOI and expand your business horizons. Add to your goodwill by displaying your exclusive Silk Mark certificate and identification marks on your business premises or retail outlets. Benefit from national promotion of Silk Mark and participate in our joint promotion schemes announced from time to time for our members.

As an Authorised User, you get the technical support from SMOI and its silk testing laboratories in major cities and silk clusters.

High Authenticity

The authenticity of Silk Mark is backed by Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI), which is promoted by the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, and the Government of India.

Attaining membership is simple - just apply! If your products conform to the quality assurance system prescribed by Silk Mark scheme, then all that remains is to pay the prescribed fee and execute a license agreement with SMOI. Alternatively, our team will be happy to guide you through the process.