A Historic Moment for Indian Silk

(Written by : T.Sivakumar, Assistant Director (Insp.), SMOI, Central Silk Board, Bangalore and is a certified Black Belt holder in Six Sigma)

In tune with its status as  second largest producer   and largest consumer of silk in  the world, India has been a leading sericulture player in the International arena. India was the founding member of International Sericulture Commission (ISC), which was formed in 1960 with its head quarter in Lyon, France.

The ISC is an inter-governmental organisation of silk producing countries and at present, 13 countries are the members of ISC viz., Brazil, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Romania, Thailand and Tunisia. The primary aim and objective of the ISC is to encourage and promote the development and promotion of sericulture, globally.

ISC has been supporting the development of silk industry in India in the areas of strengthening the R&D activities and acting as a facilitator for sourcing funds from international funding agencies for taking up developmental projects by the Central Silk Board and State sericulture departments.

A pinnacle of success

Ms. Ishita Roy,  Member Secretary, Central Silk Board brought laurels to the country by  getting  elected as the Secretary General of International Sericultural Commission (ISC) in a special Conference of ISC held at Cluj Napoca, Romania on 14th June 2012. She would be assuming the charge of Secretary General for a three year term from January 2013.

International Secretariat at Central Silk Board, Bangalore

With this, the Secretariat of ISC would also move to India and will be housed in the campus of Central Silk Board, Bangalore. This historical change would mark the beginning of a new era in the development of global sericulture silk industry. This would also help Indian Silk Industry to take advantages of global silk platform.

What it means to India and Indian Silk Industry

  • India will play a major role in framing policy related to sericulture development globally
  • Collaborative R&D activities by the member countries
  • Genetical traits from different geographical regions can be aggregated
  • Generic promotion of silk as a natural, eco-friendly fibre across the globe and Silk Mark can play a major role
  • India would have greater role in channelizing funds from international funding agencies to its member countries and also to many sericulturally developing countries in South America, Africa and Asia.
  • R&D Institutes in India could be elevated to international standards by forging fruitful collaboration with other reputed institutes of the world.
  • India can offer its large pool of expert service and training facilities to other silk producing countries. It can act as the centre for any major initiatives globally
  • ISC would provide a larger platform for sharing expertise among the silk producing countries and improve value realisation
  • India would also strive to enhance the membership base of the countries at an international level.
  • India will avail the advantages of technological innovations in silk reeling, processing and finishing technologies developed in other countries.

Nobel Prize of Silk Industry

The prestigious Louis Pasteur Award, being awarded to persons who have done outstanding contribution to global sericulture industry, has been instituted and awarded by the ISC.  Louis Pasteur Award is considered as the “Nobel Prize” of silk industry and is given once in three years. India has been one of the major recipients of this coveted award and till now, 11 Scientists from India have been conferred with this award for their contribution to the silk industry.







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