Natural Silk – Queen of Textiles

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Natural Silk is the Nature's bounty to the humankind unfolded in its finest and sensuous form. The enchanting sheen, amazing drape, enamoring feel and the affinity to radiating resplendence are its most distinct characteristics. The trance of Natural Silk has made our ancestors make it as a part of all religious rituals.

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The effort to invent manufacturing of Natural Silk artificially has led to invention of host of fibers like Nylon and Rayon. The effort for an exact duplication of Natural silk is still on, but the Natural Silk remains as the Queen of Textiles in all its Glory.

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Silk Mark – A Quality Assurance label

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The scientific work for invention of cheap imitation of Natural silk may be in progress, but in the market place there are numerous other textile materials sold in the name of silk i.e. Art silk, Artificial silk and other glamorous names.

Please watch out, Silk Mark is here to help you to identify Silk - the Pure Silk! The Consumer of Silk has long been having a difficulty of identifying the pure silk from the host of other fibers, just like the Consumer of Gold in finding the purity of Gold. The Consumers and the genuine traders of silk had been demanding a measure from Central Silk Board in bringing in a fair practice in the Trade. Silk Mark was launched on 17th June 2004 as a response to the demand.

Silk Mark is being promoted by Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI), a registered society under Karnataka Society Act 1960. SMOI is an initiative of Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles and Government of India.

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Objectives of Silk Mark

  • Protect the interests of the consumer.
  • Protect the interest of genuine traders and manufacturers of Silk
  • Generic Promotion of Natural Silk

Different types of Natural Silk

There are only four types of natural silk commercially exploited out of over five hundred different types of Silk spinning worms and they are Mulberry, Tasar, Eri & Muga. The later three varieties are collectively branded as ‘Vanya’ Silk literally meaning forest and a term to denote wild silks. India is the only country producing all the four types of natural silk.

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